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For Pediatric Development and Adult Health

“I had a condition called Dequervains, similar to carpal tunnel, I had a great deal of pain and weakness in my wrists. I had trouble writing, turning door knobs, washing my hair and even picking up my son, as well as many other daily activities, The pain was excruciating at times and became extremely debilitating. I had previously seen a hand surgeon, but then a friend referred me to Dr. Paul. The care I received is outstanding, he looks at the whole person, he found bones out of place pinching nerves in my neck. My wrists are improving, the pain no longer stops me in my tracks, and there are days when I almost feel back to normal.”


“I was referred by my mom who sees another Gonstead Chiropractor.  My conditions ranged from consistent back pain to migraine headaches. I would have a migraine about 1 time per day for about 2 weeks prior to starting care.  In order to alleviate my pain I would take 2-4 migraine pills a day, every day. I also suffer from Irritable bowel syndrome, which had persisted for about 3 years. I was taking Levbid daily to help with the spasms. I also have back pain from my bra strap up.

After speaking with medical doctors, I was told my IBS is just a condition that young women get, and my back pain was due to college sports and injuries due to auto accidents.  After speaking and being evaluated, Dr. Caroline found subluxations that were directly related to my problems.  MY LIFE IN JUST 4 WEEKS has changed dramatically; within 1 week my migraines were gone, I have less tightness in my back, and lastly I have been off my IBS medications for over a week and have not had any symptoms, which was never possible before.”

~ KF

I was lucky enough to get grouped with Dr. Joe while playing golf one Saturday.  I told him I had been suffering for a long time with Migraines.  I had seen many doctors and had been on medication for many years from a pain specialist and neurologist, as well as another chiropractor that does not use the Gonstead method.  My life has changed tremendously, I went from having daily migraines, to 3 weeks without a single headache. The care that I received has given me back my life.

~ AT

I had numbness in my right arm, restricted movement in my neck, low back discomfort and long standing Psoriasis for over 20 years. Currently right arm numbness gone, complete movement in my neck, lower back pain gone and Psoriasis completely gone. I feel great! Dr. Paul is friendly, exact and very professional at what he does. I highly recommend Dr. Paul and the Gonstead method for better health.

~ DM